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The Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS) at the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Library transforms aces and expands digital programs and services for the 21st century. It incorporates state-ofechnology, high-end software, and professional, discipline-specific consulting and support erve as a hub that enhances the teaching, learning and research process in every academic . It will equip the next generation of scientists and scholars to create new knowledge in vironments and make a more profound impact in the world. The CDS is where technology the pursuit of knowledge.

The Word of Life Mural, affectionately known as Touchdown Jesus, was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Phalin of Winnetka, Illinois. Installed during the spring of 1964, it was kept covered day of the Hesburgh library's formal dedication. Millard Sheets was the artist d to create the mural. To learn more about the mural visit:

The University of Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Libraries have officially launched the Center for Digital Scholarship, located in the northeast corner on the first floor of its flagship Hesburgh Library building.