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Hesburgh Libraries Mission & Objectives 1


The mission of the Hesburgh Libraries is rooted in The Word of Life mural – The beloved “Touchdown Jesus” image on the main Hesburgh Library building that the world knows so well. This mural is the iconic representation of Father Hesburgh’s vision of the importance of the library’s role in advancing scholarship across the ages – both here at this institution and around the world.

The mural depicts a never-ending line of great thinkers, from the Classical Scholars … to the Old Testament prophets… to the Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance Scholars and beyond. It is the story of one generation transmitting knowledge to the next, throughout the ages and across geographic locations. How fitting that this image represents the Hesburgh Libraries.

The mission of the library is, and always has been, to connect people to knowledge across time and space. It is the library’s job to acquire, preserve, organize and steward this knowledge in a way that makes it accessible for study by all scholars throughout time.

To that end, The Hesburgh Libraries contribute to the mission of the University by providing distinctive collections, services, tools, and spaces that enhance learning, teaching, and research for, and in collaboration with the University community.


  • GOAL 1 Advance Scholarship & Research
  • GOAL 2 Enrich Educational Experience & Intellectual Growth
  • GOAL 3 Expand Digital Programs & Services
  • GOAL 4 Transform Libraries’ Spaces
  • GOAL 5 Create a Sustainable Culture of Continuous Improvement and Service Excellence